Embracing Data Trust and Integrity: Acoer’s Data Stamping API

In an era where data is crucial for our decision-making and is driving innovation, its integrity is paramount. Here at Acoer, we believe that the trustworthiness of our digital information is non-negotiable, however, it is not always clear how to achieve this in new projects and developments. This is why we have created the Data Stamping API, covered in our latest Tech Corner video. The Data Stamping API allows users to authenticate their data with stamps featuring geolocation, date, time and a 2D barcode. In this blog post, we dive deeper into the technology behind our Data Stamping API and talk about some use-cases!

Understanding Data Stamping and Hedera DLT

Data stamping is like putting a tamper-proof seal on your digital information. It’s a process that ensures the data remains unchanged from its original state. For this, we leverage the power of Hedera Hashgraph, allowing us to create a robust framework for data security.

The API employs three key pillars:

1. Digital Signatures: These act as unique fingerprints for data, affirming its authenticity.

2. Hash Functions:They create a fixed-size representation of the data, enhancing security.

3. Trusted Timestamping:This ensures the accuracy of the time when the data was recorded.

The combination of these three things, achieved through the use of Hedera DLT, act as the under-layer of computation trust, which allows us to gain an unparalleled level of data security and transparency.

Wide-Ranging Applications

Our API has multiple real-world use-cases. It is used in our Health Data Explorer, so that every entry, alteration, or access to health records is time-stamped and sealed, thus safeguarding data integrity.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Forkast.News, we developed NewsHash, an innovative application of the Data Stamping API aimed at fighting fake news. The API secures various elements like articles, videos and images with timestaps stamps, acting as unique fingerprints. In this way we ensure the authenticity of content and allow users to verify each item’s integrity!


The Future of Data Stamping

The Data Stamping API is not just a technological advancement; it is a commitment to trust and integrity in the digital age, which we try to achieve in all of our projects. If you would like to learn more about the API or our work, please visit our website or reach out the a member of the team!

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