We think software should be safe and honest.

What does that mean? Well, it means that we are passionate about putting you first. We value online security and privacy and know you do too, so we use Blockchain to create healthcare solutions that provide the computational trust you deserve.

Our core software goals

User Friendly

We put a lot of thought and effort into the layout of our applications. For us, it's imperative to maintain consistency, but we like to keep things flexible and fun so we can provide a stellar user experience with every project.


We design flexible software that fits various use-cases with innovation and control in mind. Our goal is to deliver data securely and work hard to keep our applications intuitive and adaptable for all of our users.


Integrating blockchain into all of our software allows us to create secure, tamper-proof projects that are easily auditable and comply with HIPAA laws. In doing this, we hope to be transparent with our intentions and instill trust within every user.

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Our latest innovations, exciting projects, and key collaborations

Public Clinical Trials Explorer

Public clinical trial explorer of Federal open data from clinicaltrials.gov is now available! View all clinical trials and insights with ability filter by date, condition, country and more. Our explorer is currently filtered by default to show COVID-19 related clinical trials to quickly reference the governments response to the pandemic. This includes clinical trials evaluating therapeutics and vaccine candidates against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, as well as studies of people who have recovered from infection.

Public data collected from clinicaltrials.gov
Clean, easy to use interface
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Data Stamping Service API

Acoer has released their Data Stamping Service API so that users can stamp and validate digital objects with geolocation, date, time, and a 2D barcode. The stamp contains information on when it was issued and if or when it expires. There is even an option to create stamps that aren't valid until a future date and time.

Date and Time
2D Barcode

Combatting Fake News with NewsHash

NewsHash is an experimentation to illustrate how a blockchain solution could be used in the fight against fake news. Every item on the page, including the article, the video, the video transcript and the illustration, have been timestamped and a fingerprint of each asset has been recorded on an immutable ledger called Hedera Hashgraph which can be scanned for verification.

Each asset recorded on Hedera Hashgraph
Easy to use
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Acoer & Hedera Hashgraph

Acoer has formed a strategic alliance with Hedera Hashgraph to offer secure, compliant data flow and transparent collaboration solutions for health-related fields. Moving beyond traditional blockchain, the Hedera Hashgraph platform presents a cutting-edge Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT); a way for people who don't know or trust each other to securely collaborate and transact online without the need for a trusted intermediary.


You're in great company.

Relationships and the people that make them are part of Acoer’s DNA. Don't just take it from us, take a look at some of the things people have to say about us!

We have had exceptional experience working with the team at Acoer and are very impressed with their ability to build innovative, modern software that's intuitive to use.

Johnathan Hare - CEO, WebShield Inc. Co-Founder, Board of Directors, Chair of Trustees at EP3 Foundation

Acoer is an innovative and forward thinking team focused on creating data solutions for the real world to help solve real problems in real-time.

Dr. Brandi McCleskey - Associate Coroner and Medical Examiner, Jefferson County Coroner and Medical Examiners Office

I have worked two years with the Acoer team. Their capability and depth of knowledge has helped my students at Kennesaw State University. Jim Nasr, my primary contact, has provided numerous innovative curriculum ideas we are implementing at Kennesaw State University.

Dr. Solomon Negash - Professor of Information Systems at Kennesaw State University

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