Health data made connected, usable and cryptographically authentic

At Acoer, our mission is to enhance trust and confidence in health data through cutting-edge, blockchain-powered health software. Placing you at the forefront, we prioritize user-friendly healthcare technology, providing real-time data insights and analytics to maximize the value of your data. Experience a revolution in healthcare operations with Acoer.

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Key Features of Acoer

Delve into the distinctive features that make Acoer the preferred choice for cutting-edge healthcare data solutions.


Enhance interoperability to de-silo health data without costly centralization


Cryptographically prove data authenticity


Pre-emptively demonstrate consent and provenance


FHIR-enabled data implementation and exchange


Provide insights on health data


Increase trust and confidence in health data

Leaders in Healthcare Data Solutions


Acoer joins the Cancer Platform as Founding Partner

Acoer Inc becomes the latest US based organization to join the Cancer Platform charity as a Founding Partner.

Cancer Platform aims to create a digital platform providing accessible and trustworthy information for those facing all stages of cancer, ultimately improving the lives of patients globally.

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Acoer collaborates with the CDC Foundation in Jefferson County to revolutionize public health data analytics and visualization

Acoer has joined forces with the CDC Foundation to spearhead a transformative project focused on revolutionizing the way public health data is analyzed and visualized in Jefferson County. Leveraging their expertise in blockchain technology, Acoer aims to create an innovative and secure platform that will enhance data integrity and privacy, ultimately leading to improved public health outcomes regarding medicolegal death investigations.

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Acoer partners with The HBAR Foundation to manage the Privacy Market Development Fund

The Privacy Market Development Fund will be used as fuel to drive further privacy-preserving solutions on Hedera through the allocation of an initial sum by The HBAR Foundation.

This is a partner managed fund, managed by Acoer, an expert in building large scale privacy-preserving technologies and blockchain-enabled solutions built on Hedera.

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Acoer's foundation is built on meaningful connections with individuals. Explore the firsthand accounts and endorsements from others to gain insights into the impact of our healthcare and blockchain solutions.

Acoer is an innovative and forward thinking team focused on creating data solutions for the real world to help solve real problems in real-time.


Dr. Brandi McCleskey

Associate Coroner and Medical Examiner, Jefferson County Coroner and Medical Examiners Office

MyTERA is a very complicated application which required a specialized team to build and Acoer is that team! From discovery to the working product, they make it easy!


Jeffrey Miller


With an exhaustive knowledge of the healthcare space, and ability to comprehend the evolving blockchain landscape, Acoer has been a pleasure to work with in developing real world solutions.

Donald Bullers of Tuum Technologies image

Donald Bullers

Tuum Technologies

I have worked two years with the Acoer team. Their capability and depth of knowledge has helped my students at KSU. Jim Nasr, my primary contact, has provided numerous innovative curriculum ideas we are implementing here.

Dr. Solomon Negash of KSU image

Dr. Solomon Negash

Professor of Information Systems at Kennesaw State University (KSU)
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