Knowledge Seeker

Smart data collection and beautiful visualizations

What is Knowledge Seeker?

Set of Analytics Dashboards

Knowledge Seeker is home to a set of analytics dashboards which is constantly growing

Presents collected data in a beautiful and visual dashboard

Quickly gain insights into the most important aspects of the data

Through the use of data visualizations, dashboards simplify complex data sets

Dashboards allow for easy viewing of data which can be difficult and overwhelming

How does it work?

Data Stamping and Proof

Acoer uses Hedera to publicly verify data changes. Each time DailyMed data changes, we retrieve the latest dataset and simultaneously Data Stamp it to transparently prove the most current state of the data.

Fully integrated to show near real-time data

The latest available data is at your fingertips

Interactive filtering

Filtering capabilities makes it quick and easy to drill down on a specific aspect of data

What dashboards are currently in Knowledge Seeker?

Acoer is currently focused on clinical trial data and Covid-19 data and efforts providing analytic dashboards for:

Clinical Trials Explorer

Covid-19 Vaccination Tracker

Covid-19 Clinical Trials

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