A secure file storage and sharing solution

What is HashLoad?

Secure File Storage

Create your space to quickly and securely upload your files

Secure File Sharing

Invite collaborators and share your documents in a matter of minutes

Immutable Data Enforcement

Duplicate File Checking

When uploading a file, regardless of the file name, HashLoad will check to be sure that the file has not already been uploaded to ensure single auditing and reporting


You can be confident in the file spaces, events and the files themselves by quickly and easily checking the trustworthiness of the data using our Data Stamping technology

Advanced System Event Tracking


HashLoad comes with strong auditing capabilities connected to Hedera Hashgraph to transparently demonstrate the immutable data provenance of every document, modification or event happening in the system


Provides advanced system event reporting with clear visualizations to deep dive into all actions taken for complete transparency and trust

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