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Clinical Trials Tracker

Providing daily tracking and visualizations of the Coronavirus related ongoing clinical trials.

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* Clinical Trials data is collected automatically from the publicy available data on the Clinical Trials website

** Explicit written permission from Acoer LLC is required for use of Acoer Clinical Trials Tracker assets. Contact us for more information or to request permission for use of Acoer assets.

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Clinical Trials Tracker

Q1: If you were to explain to an outsider how your tracker works, how would you do it?

A1: The tracker takes public data made available through Clinical Trials website and displays in aggregate (for a global perspective) and allows for simple and visual filtering, dynamic changes based on values selected and ability to download selected data (either as images or CSV files for later analysis)

Q2: What exactly can it show?

A2: Aggregate clinical trials data updated on daily basis, filtered down to individual countries, showing the status of the trials, type of studies, evolution of number of trials, as well as the phase where the studies currently are and link to access the specific trial information in Clinical Trials' website.

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