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Developing forward looking software for healthcare

Acoer is a software development firm made up of a highly accomplished and proven team of open source and blockchain software developers. Our technology is based on proven, modern development practices, building all of our applications on three core design principles:

  • Usability First
  • Open (Interoperability, APIs)
  • Blockchain-Enabled

Acoer provides organizations rich, relevant, interoperable, out of the box RESTful API based software—as already provided and continuing to be developed—to build modern healthcare software to markedly improve return on software investment and ultimately improve patient outcome.

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What are open APIs?

The way the Internet itself is connected. In crude terms, Open APIs are the mechanism with which different sites or applications communicate with each other using a standard “language”--technically speaking through RESTful APIs.

We believe open technology, and open APIs are the way to go to address the decades long technology interoperability and innovation issues in healthcare. This is the modern method and mindset for building software and collaboration. We are at the dawn of big data, machine learning and blockchain in healthcare, however, none of that will be possible unless we have software interoperability and the ability therein to de-silo data.

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Creators of OpenCDC and OpenPharma platforms

Globally recognized blockchain experts

Proven developers of modern software while running a 5-time inc awardee
Why Acoer?

Existing application and approach do not meet user needs, time to market, or edge for innovation - Acoer is changing that.

Acoer designs for human interaction and consumer usability with a mesh of functions and data from multiple sources, while building for the world of machine-to-machine interaction through machine readable data and interoperable APIs. Acoer recognizes the need to uncomplicate, while striving to provide unquestionable computational trust and accessibility.

Interoperability is seen as the catalyst to patient oriented healthcare, with many public and vocal advocates. Consumerization of healthcare is accelerating through proliferation of smart phones and higher consumer expectations of user experience while data access, data transparency, individual ownership over data are all becoming regulatory requirements around the world. New technology, a mindset for open software and standard software interaction protocols have made the exchange of health information between systems easier and faster.

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